Vibrant Vendôme, Loir Valley

Nov 16, 2021 | Blog | 0 commentaires

Vendôme is a charming town situated in central France along the river Loir.  It is 40 minutes by TGV from the French capital city of Paris, and accessible by air through the International airport of Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and Orly International Airport. It has been classified as a Town of Art and History and labelled 4-flowers city by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication to preserve and promote French heritage.

There are many places for tourists to visit in and around Vendôme such as Holy Trinity Abbey which was founded by Count of Vendome, Geoffrey Martel  around 1033. In the middle ages pilgrims stopped over at the city enroute to St. James passing through Vendôme. You can also find the ruins of the castle of Vendôme. In the Loir valley you can find the two most beautiful villages of France – Lavardin and Troo, vineyards, 101 listed monuments which add to the rich heritage and landscape of this region. In the vicinity of Vendôme are many beautiful palaces in Loir, Cheverny, Chaumont et Chambord. You can also visit Beauval Zoo, which is famous for its Pandas at Saint-Aignan and is at an hour’s distance from the city.

Vendôme has a dynamic economy that has attracted a number of  companies, such as Amycel, Baumer Bourdon Heanni, Bel Group, Brandt France, Caire Industries,  Casbionat, Dargraisse, Ecofit, Editions Informatique Comptables, Getinge La Calhène, HMY West, Honeywell, Monceau Assurances, Neuro France Implants, Precicast, Project, Robert Bosch Automobile Steering,  Thales Avionics, Trescal, Worldline.  This summer, Louis Vuitton, the giant of luxury goods has acquired a historic monument in Vendôme to start its leather workshop. The leather bags manufactured here will be sold under the brand name Vendôme. This workshop will offer employment to 180 people.

Although, Vendôme has the charm of an old city it is at the same time modern and vibrant. Vendôme offers numerous annual cultural events all year round. In spring it hosts the German film festival, Prokino. In the summer it organizes the open air photo exhibition Les Promenades photographiques, the International Guitar Festival of Vendôme, the International Festival of Folklore of Montoire. The famous music festival Rockomotives and L’Hectare is held in the month of October to name just a few of the events.

During your visit, you can find a place to stay in Vendôme to suite your taste and budget. There are accommodations in hotels such as Qualys- Hotel Vendôme, Le Saint Georges. Or if you prefer bed and breakfast then there is Chambre d’Hôtes Bracueil or perhaps you may like Camping au Coeur de Vendôme.

If you plan a getaway to Vendome you won’t be disappointed!