Hello March! A Spring Cleaning Plan

Nov 19, 2021 | Blog | 0 commentaires

The first quarter of 2019 is almost over. It is quite unbelievable that Spring is already here!   Nature is waking up in its splendor. Warm golden sunshine brightens the days, flowers are blooming and fragrant, and birds are chirping their melodious songs. It is like we are being called to take a closer look at our lives. How can we best enjoy this beautiful season, after the bone chilling cold of Winter? I suggest with a hearty, spring cleaning.

I would like to lend a helping hand. But, it is not the regular spring cleaning that I am talking about. The New Year celebrations seem distant and the resolutions are all but forgotten. Can you recall a few that you made at the beginning of this year? Are you following those resolutions? Are you happy with the results that you have seen so far? Or have you lost track completely? Spring is a good time to take stock on your  first quarter accomplishments of 2019. An occasion to rethink and re-organise your goals.

Let’s wipe the dust off our goals set earlier this year, and review them. Take a moment to write them down on paper. Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at the Dominican University in California, conducted a study on goal writing. He concluded, that those who wrote down their goals on a regular basis radically improved their ability to achieve them. Waste your precious time no more to write down your goals to ensure your success!

Toss away any negativity or false beliefs. Negative ideas stealthily enter you thoughts and bring you down. In the nook and corners of your mind, you have hidden beliefs that you have imbibed that act as stumbling blocks. These negative opinions and doubts hold you back from giving your best. Identify your negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. It is time to get rid of them for good!

Clean up cloudy mirrors (self-image) so that you can see yourself achieving your dreams. Work on loving the person in the mirror and you will see pleasant changes around you. Marisa Peers, an author was awarded with the title, the Best British Therapist says, “you can use the power to state that you are enough, that you always have been and always will be, to achieve success in every key area of your life.” Through clear glass windows you can better see new opportunities and experiences.

Airing, good ventilation clear stale air from your surroundings. Release toxic people from your life. Keep those who put you down or take jabs at you far away from you. Manipulative people are draining and leave you exhausted. The space created by the removal of toxic relationships and people, help attract and nurture new friendships and connections that support your growth.  I found this useful article on how to disengage from toxic people, incase you need further guidance,  “How Successful People Handle Toxic People”, Oct 21, 2014 https://www.forbes.com/sites/travisbradberry/2014/10/21/how-successful-people-handle-toxic-people/#1e7660512a92

Good house-keeping requires regular cleaning and organising during the year. Deep-cleaning can be hard-work but it is essential to maintain an orderly and well-managed home. Similarly, regular reviewing of your goals helps you keep your life on track for ever greater success. Consistent success in achieving your goal improves your self-esteem and improve the quality of your life. So, let’s get started!!