« Les nuits givrées » Christmas Festivities in Vendôme

Nov 19, 2021 | Blog | 0 commentaires


In Vendôme, Christmas celebrations officially started yesterday on 20th December with the distribution of lanterns to children by the Mayor Laurent Brillard. Soon after, glowing, white, gracefully dancing horses turned Vendôme into an enchanted town last evening. Six inflatable horses with a man dressed in 19th-century attire led the procession through the city centre. It was an amazing show called “FierS à cheval” presented in Vendôme by Cie des Quidams. Accompanied light and music were perfectly coordinated. The show was delightful as it adeptly depicted characters transform into horses. The man choreographed with the mesmerising horses left the audience spellbound who broke into loud round of applause and ‘bravos’ at the end of the performance.