Tips for parents to help their children learn English

Nov 19, 2021 | Blog | 0 commentaires

The enchanting Mary Poppins had a golden rule « In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. » It may appear daunting to teach English to your children when you do not speak English perfectly. What is important for your children is your encouragement and appreciation. Your enthusiasm for the language which will rub off on them.

Chldren may feel shy or hesitate to speak in English in the begining. They will need time to understand the new language and learn new sounds. You can start by asking questions which they can respond with a simple yes or no. It will  require some planning on the part of the parents at the onset of this journey. Here are some ideas to make English learning fun for children.

Space & Time

An interesting way to introduce English in children’s world is by creating a dedicated space for things related to English such as books, posters, games, CDs, etc.

When you decide to spend 15 minutes a day speaking English it will bring a big change. It is helpful when we make language learning a part of our daily routine instead of limiting it to the classroom. It is a pleasure when learning is natural and without stress.


While playing games or doing arts and crafts you can encourage them to speak English. There are several games which could be played in English ;

-Board games- snakes and ladder

-Action game- Simon says

-Online Educational games

Day to day setting

You can use your creativity and make learning English at home amusing and in the context.

Grocery shopping or cooking could become enjoyable for your children. You can ask them to name fruits and vegetables, rice, flour, milk, etc. Later you can add  simple sentences such as ‘’Let’s buy some bananas.’ ‘ What colour is the apple?’

You could practice vocabulary with children while setting the table for meals.

Talk about the weather and seasons as your step out of the house.


Listening to songs and rhymes are such a fun way to become fluent in English. Music has the power to  make  learning effortless for children. It is an effective way to improve their pronunciation  and intonation. You can play the song ‘It’s time to tidy up’ and change a boring task of tidying up into a happy one. Or play a bath song  as children prepare to get into bath.


Storybooks are a great resource for language learning. Small children love  colourful illustrations which capture their attention. As you look at pictures together point and say the words. You can make them repeat the words later by asking the children to show different things.

Storybooks with CDs can be used to develop the listening and reading skills of older children. This is an excellent tool to hear different accents.

There are numerous topics to teach your children. You can even ask children to help you pick them. It should be related to their lives and interests to make it meaningful for them. Topics such as weather, clothes, numbers, fruits, colours are few examples to start with.

If you found these tips helpful then don’t wait anymore. Create a surrounding at home  that makes learning English a delighful experience for you and the children.