Article: Halloween

Nov 19, 2021 | Blog | 0 commentaires

When you think of Halloween do you imagine flying witches, haunted houses, creepy crawlies or sweets, candies, fun and frolic? Halloween may evoke a wide ranging response. It could give you a chill or a thrill. You may like it or hate it but you can’t ignore it.

Halloween is believed to have ancient Celtic connection particularly to the Gaelic festival of Samhein. It marked the end of the Celtics harvest festival and the beginning of winter. This time of the year was seen as the period when spirits and the dead visited the earth and people feared encountering them. So, people left home disguised under scary masks and costumes to trick these ghosts from harming them.  To appease these restless ghosts they left food and drinks outside the home. Robert Burns poem Halloween (1785) gives a picture of traditional Halloween among Scottish peasants in the late 18th century. It was celebrated with parties, bonfires, divination, matchmaking and nut roasting.

How has Halloween celebration changed over the years? Although this festival originated in Europe the immigrants took it to the US where it was widely accepted and spread in its own way. Now we know that the tradition of wearing scary costume on Halloween is ancient. Nowadays, you even see some people dress up as their favourite heroes or characters.  Trick-or-treat is an exciting game that kids enjoy to play that day. In the neighbourhood, they go from door to door asking for treats such as candies or sweets. Some house owners decorate their houses using spider, bats, witches and other frightening creatures. You can also see scary faces carved on pumpkins which are called Jack O’lantern. This adds a modern twist to the old eerie tradition. People also enjoy watching horror films, telling ghost stories and visiting haunted houses on this day.

Modern Halloween is fast gaining popularity among youngsters around the world. Commercialisation of Halloween in the past years has played a vital role in its wide spread celebration not just in the US but all over Europe and Asia. A few years ago, Halloween celebrations were small and private in France but not anymore. All kinds of events are organised on this day. Shops and streets are decorated so you can’t miss this festival. Tell us how has Halloween celebration evolved in your part of the world? We’d we be happy to hear from you